Tour for the antique shops of Rome

We are very glad that you are visiting our webpage. WE means Claudio and Marina, but for our friends simply Clod and Marì.

Tour for the antique shops of Rome

We are husband and wife, we live in Rome and we love our eternal city very much. 

We have created our own company “Clod&Marì”, one of our many activities is centered in the antique business.

We will be happy to organize a unique trip for you. If you are a collector, a judge or a simple lover of antique items this is the right tour for you!

Rome is famous for its ancient history and has got a lot of antiques that you can also buy. In the eternal city there are some areas where many goods from far gone years will be offered to you, for example, the famous street Dei Coronari or the street Giulia and of course the market Porta Portese which is open every Sunday morning. Almost all tourists interested in these things know about these places. 

But we can offer you a special, individual trip of antique shops, which are far from known places. These shops are rich in many varieties of antiques, available for good prices.

We will guide you from the beginning to the end of your purchases. An interpreter and a car with a private driver are included in the offer. We will take care of all the necessary documents which will allow you to take your purchases to your hometown. 

If it is necessary, we will help to organize the delivery of any goods (oversized, brittle, fragile and so on) to your house. 

If you are interested in special or specific items, we recommend that you let us know in advance in order to choose some antique shops where you will definitely find them. 

Duration: three and more hours...

P. s. If you are not travelling to Rome in the near future you can write to us about your wishes and what kind of antique items you desire. We will do our best to make your dreams come true.


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We hope you make nice purchases and excellent investments!!!